About Vision:

Vision is the 3rd generation IPTV platform at Lancaster University designed specifically for research and experimentation. Vision is tailor-made by researchers and developers at Lancaster University. It offers a production-level live and on-demand streaming service accessed by a large Living Lab user community (over 10,000 potential users). Vision has been designed specifically for research and experimentation of new media technologies, and incorporates advanced monitoring and statistical analysis.

A Brief History of Vision:

In 2006, a small team in the Lancaster University's Computing Department laid the foundation of an IPTV infrastructure. The second generation of the Lancaster IPTV service (also known as NextShareTV, NextSharePC, and LUPlayer) was first developed in 2008 under the framework of European Commission supported research project P2P-Next. In late 2012, a new team of researchers and developers was formed in what had now become the School of Computing and Communications (SCC) to build the third generation IPTV system (Vision) using new web technologies and designs tailored to better support research on the topics of multimedia system, content distribution and social network analysis. Many features of Vision system are designed in collaboration with the BBC R&D.
Up till now, Vision and the previous generations of Lancaster Living Lab IPTV platforms have supported a number of UK and European projects including the MediaCityUK FIRM, EC FP7 P2P-Next, EC OFELIA, EC FI-FIRE STEER, and most recently EC FI-PPP FI-CONTENT.

Share Our Vision:

If you are interested in using Vision for research and experimentation in any of the following areas please get in touch: