Dr. Mu Mu - Project Leader

Vision is designed and developed by researchers and developers at Lancaster University specifically for the research and experimentation of media and networking technologies. Because of the nature of the Vision platform, I coordinate with other researchers in the same university and from other institutes to define research themes and agenda on emerging research topics. I also work with a small team of talented developers to design the architecture of Vision platform, execute development plans, and promote Vision to thousands of student and staff users aiming at maximising the support and impact of research in Vision.
To know more about my work, please visit http://www.research.lancs.ac.uk/portal/en/people/Mu-Mu/

Craig Bojko - Frontend Web Developer

I'm a Research Associate at Lancaster University primarily focussed on Web System development. My main involvement with Vision was the frontend and UI development, bringing together all the different systems and aspects that make up the portal and ensuring that it runs smoothly not only on desktop environments but also mobile.
I also manage several backend systems including EPG management, authentication and database development and maintenance.
To view my portfolio, please visit my website: http://craig.bojko.co.uk

Jamie Jellicoe - Developer

I am also a Research Associate here at Lancaster University and I developed the 'brains' of this system, the recording and management of content - the stuff that goes on behind the scenes and a few bits that you see too.

My main concern is keeping the system running, content available and the development of new features to keep Vision interesting and on the cutting edge of IPTV systems.