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Cookies are small text files that are saved to your computer when you use Vision and most other modern websites. Vision uses cookies to integrate Lancaster University's single-sign-on system (i.e., Co-Sign) for user authentication. We also use cookies to recognise and remember you during a visit. Cookies also enable us to develop nice features such as remembering your preferences and social network integration within the site. More importantly, cookies are used to help us improve user experience through better understanding of your preferences and answer research questions. Please notice that any data collected in Vision may only be used (anonymised) for research or educational purposes by Lancaster University and partners collaborating with Lancaster University on research based projects.

There are ways to turn off cookies in your browser, though doing so may stop you from logging into Vision system or cause many Vision features to fail. If you have further questions regarding http cookies or the way Vision uses cookies, please contact us.


Vision & Facebook

It is now possible to link your personal Facebook account to Vision. This allows us to research new algorithms to provide better recommendations to Vision users.
Development of new social features is currently ongoing, by linking your Facebook it allows us to perform better testing and apply a larger dataset for our recommendation engine
- the more users that connect, the better the recommendtions!

Please note: