Vision - Facebook integration:

In order to provide advanced social recommendations, Vision requires access to your Facebook friends list.

Vision will only request the minimum level of permission in order to do this.

Other features will then be available in Vision for users to enable at their leisure.

Currently this includes a sharing feature that will share your viewing on your Facebook activity feed. This is disabled by default and if you choose to enable it, Vision will request additional Facebook permissions.

Upon collecting your Facebook friend list, Vision will suppliment its own Graph Database, building relations between you and any of your Facebook friends on Vision.

This allows our recommendation engine to provide you with content that your friends have viewed and that you may find entertaining.

All of our statistics are anonymised upon collection, and we will not post content to you or your Facebook friends timelines without your permission.

By connecting your Facebook to Vision, you become eligable for new HD content (available Easter 2014)

Thank you for helping support Vision and IPTV research.